The mass series existed as a means to process to a few life events occurring simultaneously in the Spring of 2010.  I was diagnosed with and underwent surgery for Endometriosis.  My mother began radiation, chemotherapy and a series of surgeries to address the breast cancer she had.  My best friend was planning his trip to undergo a sex change operation to complete the physical element of her gender.  It was an extremely confusing time of considering the different facets of female.  

I thought about how similar my genitals would be to that of ones my best friend was purchasing - functional as a receptor but unable to participate in creating another human.   My friend and I both underwent hormone therapy in order to more effectively be women.  My mother was unable to eat foods that had even the tiniest trace of hormones in it to effective be a woman who was alive.  With my mother and I having both been commercial models in our respective times - I thought about how our bodies could were able to be products - or contribute to the selling of products, while the bodies themselves couldn't necessarily "produce".  

The forms that subsequently emerged existed in a space between the collar bone and knees.  Subtle, sensual, supple, sick, sterile.