repurposed wood

Black and white doesn’t produce gray.  It exposes a figure that is both the victor and the victim, the predator and the prey.  Articulated with sharp edges against and cooperating with its more flexible volumes, the tension found in simultaneously inviting and repelling desire surfaces.  Applying my own geometry on to a material that can endure it, I emerge from rigidity with an exploration of extremes that necessitates order ultimately. 

Being has been displayed at the University of Hawaii Manoa, The Waikiki Park Hotel, as well as the The Garage.


"Take a look at the work of Nicole Naone ( and you'll see it's devoid of shortcuts or puns.  There are no postmodern articulations and no referential treatments.  What stands out are the meticulous forms that this sculptor creates - disruptively clean and obedient.  Case in point: Naone's oeuvre stars wood constructions where individual pieces interlock by intersecting, creating order out of chaos. "  - Hawaii Modern Luxury Magazine